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SAP and the SAP Co-innovation lab SAP is the world’s largest enterprise software provider with 320000+ customers in 190 countries and an annual revenue of 22 billion Euro in 2016.  80% of SAP’s 320000+ customers

After 6 months of diligent testing at the SAP Co-innovation Lab Silicon Valley (COILsv), a team of engineers from SAP and  Pure Storage validated a set of best practices of using  Pure Storage FlashStack for SAP HANA

An exciting new feature of SAP ASE With the release of SAP ASE 16 SP02 in 2015, SAP took transaction processing to the next level by leveraging in-memory computing, intelligent data placement, as well as

Any idea what’s a Multi-INT product and why local curation matters? If you are like me, you may never heard about it yet. These are common terms for the intelligence community, but for most of

It was great talking to you in Las Vegas last week.  Check out the materials we presented there, and feel free to contact me if you want like to know more about SAP Co-innovation Lab,

No doubt that COIL had a great time at TechED && d-code Las Vegas last week. Let me share with you some of our glory times and a couple of scary moments. What’re glory Starting

For those who have visited sap.com website recently, you may have noticed that our logo has been quietly changed to gold letters with transparent background. You may have seen the white letters with golden background

At the age of the cloud, corporate and government data breaches are in daily headlines.  These breaches can be deadly expensive.  As the most important asset of every enterprise, mission critical data must be secured

SAP employees in North America have just received an invitation message from Bay Area communications team today to attend a live presentation at Palo Alto plus a webinar on the coming Monday with Encryptics and

Heading to Las Vegas today, and I am very excited about the broad spectrum of projects we are going to show you in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab area in the TechED show floor.   My colleague