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ABAP CDS Views are great and all; however, they don’t support subqueries at this time. In this post, I would like to share a workaround which functions similar to “NOT EXISTS”. The requirement was to

In this post, I will share a general purpose class covering the multiton design pattern. By implementing a simple interface, you can add multiton functionality to your existing classes. What is multiton, anyway? Multiton is

As many of you already know, ABAP supports the UNION command now. UNION is an SQL command to combine the results of two separate queries into one dataset. Here is a sample dataset from the

There are two significant techniques to avoid repetitive access to database records: Hashed internal tables and database buffers. If we decide to use the former method, we need to get the database record into a

SAP ECC has two beautiful classes for JSON parsing operations. /ui2/cl_json is useful in case you know the structure of the JSON file. Similar to the CALL TRANSFORMATION command; you can parse a JSON string

A question I get often is about the way I connect to SAP ECC from my Mac. Obviously, many users prefer to install Windows to their Macbooks and run SAP GUI For Windows over it.

Today, we will be inspecting some cool grouping techniques introduced in ABAP 7.40. First, let’s get familiar with our context. We will read the table T001K, where BWKEY (valuation area) is the table key, but

Although function modules belong to the era of procedural programming, we all need to use them from time to time. While most BAPI’s usually return error messages in a clean internal table format, many other function modules