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It’s one of the most important things around the globe, know how to follow the federal taxes systems, and represent your books according to it, especially since most countries in the world follow the tax

Users can perform their jobs more efficient if the List of… windows are customized according to the way they work. When users see only the fields that they use and can sort and display these

The Case After the Originator sent the Draft to the Authorizer to be approved, the Authorizer wants the Posting to be done from his side, according to that, in the Change Log of that Doc,

Define the Printing Layout for the Business Partner Account Statement, after setting the layout to be default for all users, when trying to print the document the Arabic letters printed separated with spaces in case

When we are setting up a new company for the first time or establishing a new one addition to the previous ones, we must add our employees’ users on SAP Business One, and to do

Today we faced a request to open a new 40 suppliers’ cards with their details; State, Country, Email, Contact Reference, … To achieve such an issue, we have to import the data to two tables;

The Case Let’s suppose that we’re a fragrances company, selling perfumes, and our management decided to purchase a new car on Jan 1st, 2018 with an amount of 120,000 TRY for a useful life estimated

Problem Description Trying to open any document in SAP Business One 9.2, neither Marketing documents or finance documents, can’t open anything, getting the following system message; To solve it, We should open the series that,

Sales – A/R A/R – Invoice When opening a new A/R Invoice, the first thing we have to do, define the customer via his Code or Name, otherwise SAP won’t let us move forward to

Case Study In our company, we have a headquarter in different provinces in France, and about 20 branches in it, all of these entities working on the same company database using SAP Business One, to