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When we are setting up a new company for the first time or establishing a new one addition to the previous ones, we must add our employees’ users on SAP Business One, and to do

Today we faced a request to open a new 40 suppliers’ cards with their details; State, Country, Email, Contact Reference, … To achieve such an issue, we have to import the data to two tables;

The Case Let’s suppose that we’re a fragrances company, selling perfumes, and our management decided to purchase a new car on Jan 1st, 2018 with an amount of 120,000 TRY for a useful life estimated

Problem Description Trying to open any document in SAP Business One 9.2, neither Marketing documents or finance documents, can’t open anything, getting the following system message; To solve it, We should open the series that,

Sales – A/R A/R – Invoice When opening a new A/R Invoice, the first thing we have to do, define the customer via his Code or Name, otherwise SAP won’t let us move forward to

Case Study In our company, we have a headquarter in different provinces in France, and about 20 branches in it, all of these entities working on the same company database using SAP Business One, to

Sales – A/R A/R – Delivery Starting Status before posting: Open Required Fields: Customer Code and Name, Date, Item Code, Cost Center (Distribution Rule), UoM Code, Warehouse, In normal cases we’re starting from Sales Order

The SBO-Common is the core database used in the B1 architecture to store and distribute information common to all company databases. The common database that holds; System Data, Version Information Upgrade Information doesn’t contain the

Accounts Determination Defining FA Accounts Determination Modules > Administration > Setup > Financials > Fixed Assets > Account Determination The Account Determination definition enables the system to automatically select the relevant G/L accounts for assets

Planned Production Order Can’t complete the process by receipt the manufactured quantity via Receipt from Production document, it won’t show-up, Have no financial affects, for the inventory affects we can see it in the Item