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Recently I came across a scenario where I used a feature in SAP CRM and then it had a strange side effect. When you choose to ignore the UI Enhancements , then you need to

For debugging JAVA based IPC user exit , you would need one thing which is not exactly a part of SAP CRM but you must know. If you followed the Blog Part 1, you have

We know that to debug the Java based IPC user exit , we need to do the following Set the UI Parameter PRC_RFC = X as shown in the figure in the transaction SU3. Set

If you go through the customizing guide for setting up territory management , you would read this about setting up “Accounts, products and sales areas are used as attributes that define the scope of a

Few years back when I joined SAP in July 2007, my manager philosophically remarked “In an online world you would be recognized by the content you write”. Reading this book by John Burton I realized

When I joined SAP Labs India in 2007 , this book was gifted to me ( as well as every ABAP developer) in the team by the manager. Initially we thought what we would do

The Assignation of the actual line nos to items in Transactions are very important. And they are also very important in case of Bill of Materials. Since its all standard we never tend to worry