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Intro Welcome to the second post in a series showing you how to use the OAuth2 authentication mechanism in HANA XS. The mechanism enables you to use APIs from providers like Google, Facebook, Twitter or

Intro OAuth2 is finally here  – being delivered with HANA SPS 09. Great! But what is the OAuth2 hype all about? Welcome to a series of posts showing you how to use the OAuth2 authentication

Did you know HANA comes with a geospatial engine since SPS07 (What s New? SAP HANA SPS 07 Geospatial Pr… | SAP HANA & What’s new in SAP HANA SP07)? Did you think of the

Intro With the upcoming release of HANA SPS07 all developers will be enabled to use a new lightweight development environment which has significantly improved to the prior version. Supporting the development of this tool I

Intro In this Post you are going to learn how to enable X.509 client certificate authentication on your HANA system. The X.509 certificates provide a convenient and secure way for authentication. It is possible to

Intro Welcome to the final post in my first blogging series about calling outbound https services with server side Java Script using the HANA XS engine. In the first post you learned about setting up

Intro Welcome again to the wonderful world of secure http communication using the HANA XS engine. In this second part of the series you will learn how to set up a XS trust store for

Intro Hi everyone, welcome to my first blog! It’s the first one in a series, accompanying you on your journey with HANA. Starting with the basic setup of your HANA box to use in- and