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Juwin Pallipat Thomas

As developers, many of us would have faced this challenge atleast once – the ‘Terms and Conditions’ Page. Most customers have T&C pages looking like this – with column view. This is easily achievable in

We all have heard about dynamic conditions in WHERE clauses (Dynamic where clause – ABAP Development – SCN Wiki), dynamic READ statements (Dynamic WHERE in READ TABLE | SCN), dynamic internal tables/ structures/ ALV (Tutorial

Here I am trying to explain how to do an Outer Join of 2 internal tables using the new internal table functions available in ABAP Release 7.40. The same method can be extended to add

This document is to explain how to convert the SALV Tree, created using CL_SALV_TREE class, to an Excel file. There is a standard method to convert the SALV Table, created using CL_SALV_TABLE, into an Excel

Would you believe, if I said that the screen below, is a selection screen and not a dynpro? I could find a lot of posts on the web, on how to include a selection screen,

All throughout my ABAP career in various organizations, I have come across many organization specific “Coding Standards Documents”. And all of those documents had couple of things in common – Whenever you are making a