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The CRM Fiori apps are highly appreciated by SAP CRM customers, and also by the user group “sales representative”, which is the focus of the current CRM Fiori apps. However one big hurdle was continously

Actually there is not much to say about it: It is a feature that many users appreciate. Giving you an immediate context of where an account is located can help you with all the side 

There are two facts that didn’t like each other too much… Fact No. 1: Many customers merge accounts in SAP CRM; with that they use BUPA_CLEAR. Fact No. 2: All customers enhance accounts. A great

Usually companies need to apply some business rules, which roles a BP (business partner) can have at the same time. For example, a BP cannot be a headquarter” and a “branch” at the same time,

Many companies struggle with having a lot of obsolete account and contact data in SAP CRM. For sales representatives but also for other users of CRM that deal with prospects and customers it is often

Ever appreciated the configurable data retrieval parameters? They can help you to see only the business transactions that are of interest for you, for example the open ones of high priority. One of the assignment

Usually sales representatives need different account factsheets, for example an external and an internal one. The external factsheet is to be quickly printed out and taken to a customer meeting. Unfortunately so far in SAP

I noticed that the following often required functionality seems to be rarely known: As of SAP CRM 7.0 EHP 2 mandatory fields can be visually indicated in the following CRM WebClient UI applications: Accounts Contacts

Recently I described the most important principles of the “My Accounts” app. (In case you don’t know the blog yet look here: http://scn.sap.com/community/crm/sales/blog/2014/09/26/fiori-my-accounts-makes-sense-to-implement-and-use-it) You are probably wondering if there is something similar that is good

I noticed very high interest in all topics that are related to marketing prospect functionality in SAP CRM. On the other hand I have the impression that only a few companies actually started using marketing