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It is that time of year again, Sapphire NOW! will kick off next week in Orlando, Florida. Preparations are nearly complete, travel arrangements made and soon the show floor will be open. Surprisingly the pace

Digitization has brought many benefits to businesses, but it also brings a new set of risks across a range of industries. Cyberattacks Perhaps the most well-known of these risks is cyberattacks. As companies digitize more

Interest in finance cloud solutions has been steadily increasing. Gartner research predicts an impressive 16.5 % compound growth rate (CAGR) for the worldwide public cloud services.  $175B in 2015 to more than $204B in 2016.  

Nothing stands still, technology evolves, new standards are introduced, expectations rise.  CFO’s face a perpetual challenge to take advantage of the technology, ensure compliance and continue to achieve financial competencies.  Colin Sampson, SVP and former

Every industry has some great examples of the impact of digitization in reinventing their business models or processes. Population is increasing in urban areas, and many city dwellers don’t want to own vehicles. So automotive

After 3 days (and nights) in Orlando at Sapphire Now, I wanted to share my 3 major takeaways from Sapphire  from a Finance Line of Business Perspective 1. Evolution of the SAP S/4HANA (Finance) conversation

Some of the highlights and key messages shared for finance at SapphireNow – Day 2 Reduce Complexity Siemens gave a comprehensive overview of their work on SAP S/4HANA Finance.  Siemens has a complex landscape with

Boardroom of the future – front and center Bill McDermott kicked off  #SAPPHIRE NOW with his “keeping it real” keynote. McDermott laid out the priorities for SAP going forward, helping our customers to understand the

SapphireNow is now less than 10 days away. Planning has been going on for many months, and is now in the final stages.  There is a great line up of customer, partner and SAP sessions.

Tax filing season has just finished.  E-filers typically fall into 2 categories.  Kay Bell describes them as: 1. Early filers, who are usually getting tax money back and like the speed e-filing offers. 2. Late