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SALES ORGANIZATIONS DEMAND CLOUD SOLUTIONS Every “end-user” (aka normal human being) wants to use cloud products to do their day to day business. In my observation this is especially true of Sales organizations. Sales guys

Cloud implementations are fundamentally different than large ERP projects. They are generally far less structured, lack dedicated resources, are implemented in weeks instead of years, and do not have the same oversight on the client

I get a lot of scrutiny for pointing out issues with SAP’s Cloud Support model. I am only trying to help. But sometimes I wonder if the effort is worth the return on investment. For

Recently I have perused the profiles of some ByDesign firms on LinkedIn, and what I saw disturbed me. The ratio of Sales people to Consultants is roughly one for one. What are the implications of

BY DESIGN MARKETING BLOGS: THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS There has been a dramatic uptick in ultra-generic marketing blog posts in the ByDesign space, both by SAP and by Partners. Take quick glance at the

BLOG TIME, Y’ALL First of all, I want to state that I am honored to be selected by Greg Chase to ‘BIF’ (Blog it Forward). He has grouped me with my German counter-part (Andreas Eissmann)

Recently I have been receiving requests from folks working on the technical side of ByDesign to create customer use cases so they can complete a mock implementation. This is my first entry in what I

Here is the exact language for the PSM Request in 3.5: In case you need to access SAP Business ByDesign business content which is not yet released for consumption via the Public Solution Model (PSM),

EAS Releases Saleforce.com Integration to SAP Business ByDesign in Collaboration with ERP Logic Before we dive into this discussion, let me disclose something: I’m a purist. I don’t like external integrations with ByDesign because I