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Judith Magyar

Pakistan is a vertical country. Many of its army and civil administration posts are nestled in the highest mountains in the world including Nanga Prabat, Godvin Austin, and K2, also known as the ‘killer mountain’

Not many people reading this article know what real hunger means, including myself. Even more difficult to imagine is the despair and uncertainty of not knowing where the next meal for your family is coming

If ever there was a serious attempt to predict the future by inventing it, this is it. Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest economies and its society one of the least understood. Custodians

A few years ago Samantha Zirkin and her husband took their two young children and travelled around the world, volunteering at orphanages, schools and homes for abandoned or abused children. “I saw many children with

The last thing on my mind when I got to Retail’s Big Show NRF 2018 was buying jeans, but that changed when James Curleigh, President Levi’s Brand, rode his bike up to the stage guided

From Chief Procurement Officer to Chief Collaboration Officer – the future of procurement is all about people, networks and principles From moleskin to fishing rods, Cirque du Soleil is a company that procures a lot

The leaders of Kibar Holding know that acquiring technology is easy, but employee engagement, like love, is something that can’t be bought.  “Our goal is to be the Industry 4.0 leader in Turkey” says Ufuk

My daughter Kyra discovered Ted Baker when she was working in London. “The first items I ever bought were a mint green T shirt with a white bow and a cosmetic bag with the French

Orignally, Aramex was big locally and small internationally. In his influential book The World is Flat Thomas Friedman described Aramex as the epitome of globalization. One way companies can flourish in a flat, non hierarchical world,

When it comes to oil and gas, people are skeptical about the future. For example, eighty percent of consumers responding to a recent nationwide poll conducted by Ernst & Young agree the oil and gas