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Believe an old man: everything was better in the past, sigh. When we said “close your question” it just meant “Mark it as answered” . Today in the new community this would be ambiguous as

I never thought I’d have to explain to anyone what tags are and how to use tags nowadays. Oh you hyped Millennials, you grow up with computers, you can’t put away your smartphone for 2 seconds,

We see every day new users and some of them behave as if there were no rules, so I tried my luck with a new user  to see if they are really left alone after

Saturday 6 pm: Thirty hours of blood, sweat and tears are just over. Taking a deep breath now. One last email. Subject: Finally end of work Dear H. all mails are cleaned up from SOSG

just came back from our summer meeting of the DSAG data archiving work group and want spread some news. The HANA hype has hit our company too and while the marketing material reads nice you

Customizing of a release strategy in MM  seems to be the final exam which separates the wheat from the chaff. No doubt that many struggle at this hurdle, 6500 discussions in MM are evident. 4.5%

I really did not want to make this my first blog in 2015 as I have drafts for more than 15 other topics which could even help those people who are stealing the time I

I really thought that all people who entered into SAP with or after 4.5 release  should be used to the Central Address Management Far from it when looking at all the questions and confusions still

If your stock looks like this pineapple  then it is certainly too late to ask the question how old the stock is. Photo: Flickr: areta ekarafi’s Photostream If the age of a product is critical