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Do you use changing and exporting parameters in your ABAP methods? I did it a long time. But I’m cured. It all began, when I startet to consider functional programming style (see this excellent blog ). It

Pretty printer is very useful, but in some cases, you have to be a “Pretty coder” yourself. Especially with ABAP 740, where all those expressions came up and finally made us feel like real programmers

I know the title is confusing – of course no functional programming is possible in ABAP. But lately I read a bit about it and I try to adopt some things that seem useful to

When doing complex coding, there’s always the dilemma of using or non using global variables. We all know that global variables are dangerous because you never know where they are set and what value they

In Branching in ABAP?  I described our approach to manage concurring requests for program changes using a branching-like technique. After 6 months of “living” this approach, I would like to give an overview of our

In my company, we are running SAP ERP since the early nineties and the system is full of self-made add-ons that are maintained by a team of abap developers. The traffic of request for improvements

In the last blog post I wrote about my approach to standard function module wrappers. See The hassle with function module calls Thanks to your participation, there was a lot of very helpful input about

Do you know this? You use a function module from SAP (let’s say, the very useful START_TIME_DETERMINE), and you use it often. But every time you insert it, half a page of coding is generated,

Hello all, did you already encounter the new stuttering syntax checker of ABAP? It seems they wanted to add sympathic attribute to those annoying infos about your lack of programming experience! All the best! Jörg

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