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This article shows practical usage of SuccessFactors UserID generation which was introduced in 1808 and makes the old userID assignment/generation little more straightforward. How it was before is described in the article: https://blogs.sap.com/2016/06/06/employee-central-automatic-user-id-generation/ The old fashion

Whenever building time off solution it is typically divided into several rules based on each country/time type. What about to find a solution that is easy to manage from end customer and overall simple configuration

Sometimes it is not easy to decide how to create different time off accounts because of different logic for countries and customer specific requirements. This guide should help you to understand and present to the

Do you have data editable by employees and you need to track the changes and have specific rules for them? This example is about external work experience (education, mobility etc.). From the technical perspective they

This is simple solution how to get payslips into SuccessFactors so employees can access them and you can use them for reporting. We have at least three options how to do it. Now let’s start

During recruitment process you always search for new methods to find out the best suitable candidate for your company. As the life goes by you’re changing the way how to get the best candidate. Sometimes

Many times you can face the requirement that employees should be able to buy or sell their vacation. As it is not standard functionality of SuccessFactors you need to find some workaround. We can easily

Event reason is an activity derived from events that drives changes in employee data. These events are predefined for all instances and cannot be added (as of 1508). Of course, you can deactivate part of

This article has successor: https://blogs.sap.com/2018/09/23/employee-central-automatic-user-id-generation-post-1808/ When implementing Employee Central you can see some tough questions and it is good to prepare some answers. One of them is automatic generation of UserID. This UserID is used in