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The key for the Sales success of a company is a great customer experience in the long run! Intelligent and sustainable Marketing processes leverage and safeguard the After Sales Customer Satisfaction and significantly reduce the customer churn

Some Customer Scenarios require associations between Business Objects, which are not foreseen in Standard of SAP Marketing Cloud. A good example is a campaign for a Marketing event, which is modeled as product in Marketing.

SAP Marketing Cloud uses Products in Business Scenarios for Recommendations, Offers or Emails. However, to provide also a discount (or price), which can be communicated to the customer through campaigns, it is recommended to define

An Email Campaign with a high Bounce Rate is a good indicator that the quality of communication via the email-address of contacts must be improved. With SAP Marketing Analytics it is already possible to figure

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud delivers various CDS Consumption Views (Queries) for reporting on interactions which are captured in the Marketing system. If it is required to provide a report for a dedicated interaction type, for

Learn how easy it is to create Analytics Story for SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud: Supposed you want to use a Standard CDS Consumption View or you have created your own Custom Consumption View according to

Supposed, as an Administrator in Marketing, you must prepare custom queries based on custom composite views, which consider other or additional base views than the standard composite views. In order to do so you can

Supposed as an Administrator in Marketing, you have to prepare queries that include other or additional dimensions and measure than the standard dimensions. For doing so, the “Custom Analytical Queries” App enables Administrators in Marketing

SAP Hybris Marketing provides a first appealing sample story “Sentiment Media Mix” for BusinessObjects Cloud. The story for Analytics in Inbound Marketing gives an attractive overview about the number of Social Media Posts captured, for

As published it is possible embed the Hybris Marketing Contact and Corporate Account Factsheet into the C4C Factsheet for Contacts or Customers in SAP Hybris Marketing on-premise Scenarios. In addition it is now also possible