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AUTISM AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE AND ACTION MONTH April was autism awareness month. It was also autism acceptance and action month. We in the SAP Autism at Work program feel very proud of playing a role in each

During the second quarter of the year, The SAP Autism at Work program reached many milestones and participated in a significant number of events. Allow me to share some of these great moments. AUTISM AT

On June 23, we were invited by the Congressional Autism Coalition to the U.S. Capitol Building to share insights about the SAP Autism at Work Program.  Staff members from 17 House of Representatives Offices and

As part of the Autism Awareness Month, friends of the SAP Autism at Work Program are writing about events, news and perspectives related to Autism in the Workplace and the contributions that individuals in the

In May of 2013 SAP established a global objective to have 1% its workforce represented by employees in the autism spectrum by the year 2020.  A global program was set in place at that time