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What’s more complicated?  Writing code, or understanding what someone else has written? Contributions License Agreement What is a Contributor License Agreement?  And how does it apply to you? After writing a lot of code in

I’m not a lawyer, but I play one on TV… Is the License important? Oh, yes, I’m definitely trying to put you to sleep.  License?  Really?  Just how boring would that be? Well, I want

Building on the works of others (and not just in code)… Reading up on Open Source projects Most of the developers I talk to have a pretty specific view of Open Source.  Developers see Open

And now, for a break to start to tie together the whole Ecosystem picture Start the Ecosystem Discussion! My dear guests.  I’m Jonathan, your host.  Welcome to Open Source Monday! It feels like that, a

Open Source means crossing organizational boundaries jGit – pure Java Git handling JGit is an EDL (new-style BSD) licensed, lightweight, pure Java library implementing the Git version control system. Two weeks ago (due to vacation)

A healthy ecosystem is not a monoculture. Chevrotain – JavaScript Parser Toolkit A very fast and feature rich Parser Building Toolkit for JavaScript. It can be used to build parsers/compilers/interpreters for various use cases ranging

Start with the best… OpenUI5 – a great start to Open Source at SAP   OpenUI5 is one of the best examples we have of full-fledged active open source at SAP.  First, let’s talk a

Introducing Open Source at SAP…   Welcome to the first in a series of articles about Open Source at SAP. SAP is dedicated to the idea of helping developers create and extend software, and utilize

The new ES5 system is now live! Go to the blog post New SAP Gateway Demo System Available for more information.   After many months of hard work, we are proud to finally roll out

Part of my work in the first Quarter of 2017, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment).  (I will be publishing a lot more on it in