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Recently I was asked a question by my Customer’s Management during our cut-over from Primary to Standby in a warm standby production environment.  They asked me to ensure that the data was the same and

Most of you that will read this blog entry are SAP SRS (Replication Server) technical knowledgeable and like myself have found tricks that involve changing system tables to create quick fixes.  All this is based

Recently a colleague of mine posed the question of the pros and cons of having the tempdb database partially on the master device.  By default, during the installation of an ASE Server, a small fragment

I always state that if the SAP SRS (SAP Replication Server) is up and running with no connections down, then I am assured that my data matches on the Primary and Standby sides.  However, due

Hot off the Consulting Experience Press! I have an MSA architecture that uses a Warm Standby Logical pair as the primary source of the data.  I was called to migrate the MSA over to a

Changing a sort order of an existing ASE Server is rarely, if ever, done.  One tends to install the sort order with the ASE Server binaries and that sort order exists for the life of

Recently I was asked a question about Cumulative dumps verses Transaction Log dumps; at first glance aren’t they similar? I agree, they do seem to do the same thing on the surface however based on

A common task for any SAP ASE Consultant is the ability to assist the Customer in initiating and determining the most appropriate license for their specific SAP ASE Server.  I was asked to validate a

Normally in the ASE Database Server we think of the tempdb database as a scratch pad database. A database that gets rebuilt upon a SAP Sybase ASE Server recycle from the model database, a database

The ASE Server is a featured part of the Real-Time Database Platform (RTDP) offered by SAP.  This blog supports the RTDP and focuses you on getting the best functionality from your ASE software. One of