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Thorsten Franz made some big waves – even by his standards – when he announced on SCN that he was leaving his job of 14 years to form his new HANA startup, operatics. Now I

The HANA Distinguished Engineers Council has good days and, well, other kinds of days like any other community group. But then there are the great days. That’s when a HANA industry rock star with serious

OK, so this interview isn’t totally unauthorized. But I like to ask questions that are not watered down by editors, and Rich Heilman was more than willing to let it rip. The occasion? Those of

SAP surprised many of us in 2012 by blasting through the IP (Intellectual Property) issues and making unprecedented strides on individual developer licenses. First mobile, then HANA. We know that “NetWeaver Cloud” (current moniker) is

A few weeks ago, to commemorate the first year anniversary of HANA’s General Availability, I taped a special Google Hangout with SAP Mentors John Appleby, Vijay Vijayasankar and Harald Reiter. If you follow HANA you

March 2012 update: I originally posted this on SCN in 2009, but as I review my old blogs this one jumped out to share on the new SAP SCN platform. I’ve seen some really good

The latest installment in my SCN podcast series is a videocast. Taped via Adobe Connect, I had a lively conversation with SAP’s Sanjay Poonen and Mark Finnern on culture change at SAP and Sanjay’s views on

For my last blog (sniff) on the “old” SCN platform, I have an SAP Community Network podcast I did on an interesting topic: the “suggest mobile apps” area on SAP Idea Place. I’m pretty new to

Best laid plans can come apart at the seams, and video shoots are no exception. I had lined up a “HANA at TechEd” preview video taping for JD-OD.com with two HANA rock stars (a technical term for

Heading into SAP TechEd season, one of the greatest areas of anticipation is around HANA – both the hands-on exposure and the potential new announcements. To get us primed for the TechEd season, I have