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“India is a country of almost 1.4 billion people,” says Shouvik Banerjee, “and I’d imagine nearly every one of them is familiar with the Tata brand name.” Banerjee – who is Chief Technology Officer at

Just about everyone has heard the expression “black gold.” But what about “white oil?” Any clue what that is? Actually, it’s mineral oil. And in addition to its familiar use as baby oil, this highly

Has there ever been a single piece of physical technology that redefined everyday life faster than the smartphone? I doubt it. According to studies, we now check our phones 150 times every day. MarketWatch reports

Consumer tastes in China are changing, and in the nation’s expanding cities, coffee shops and Western-style bakeries are definitely part of the phenomenon. A couple of years ago, The New York Times reported that while

If you really want to know what business leaders think is important, just take a look at who has a seat in the C-Suite. More and more these days, you’re likely to see a Chief

“Lenovo’s been the number one PC company for over three years now,” says Gerry Smith, an Executive Vice President at Lenovo and President of its Data Center Group, in a recent video. In fact, Lenovo’s

In the emergency control center of the City of Cape Town, Karen Titus sits in front of a bank of computer screens. Titus, an Assistant Emergency Communications Officer for the city, is prepared for a

Look at a few photographs of Gilson Trennepohl and you start to notice something. Whether he’s making a pilgrimage along the ancient Camino de Santiago trail in Spain or posing in front of a modern

You could say that innovation and collaboration go together like . . . well, like Batman and Robin. And just like that dynamic duo, there’s good reason to believe that innovation and collaboration are more

Today there are fans, and then there are superfans. The superfans are usually pretty easy to spot. They are hyper-engaged and highly visible individuals who follow their favorite sports team, performer, or entertainment genre with