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Over the last couple of weeks various developers have contacted me asking me if i knew of a simple mobile SAPUI5 example which used both the ODataModel and the BlueCrystal theme. I have built one

When consuming Gateway services in JavaScript the task of working with dates and times is made even harder because of the different representations the objects take. In this blog I will highlight how Gateway OData

As I sat watching all the innovative solutions at Innojam Bangalore, noticing that the majority of presentations had at least one SAPUI5 component, I couldn’t help but think SAP are missing out on a big

One of the features available with the latest release of the UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (1.8.4) is the ability to batch multiple OData operations into a single call. I thought I would share a

It was an honour and a surprise to be asked by DJ-Adams to Blog It Forward. My name is John Patterson I am freelance SAP Consultant from Australia, for the past 15 years during my

Last month Steffen Schwark wrote a good blog on Structuring an SAPUI5 application with MVC, his blog inspired me to port a SAPUI5 application I had been working on to use MVC. I thought I

Introduction Like many others I am eagerly awaiting the release of SAP Netweaver Gateway, a technology which promises to simplify SAP integration. By exposing SAP Business Suite functionality as REST based OData services Gateway will enable SAP applications to