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I have been approached by a few partners to provide some details on the how Business ByDesign supports businesses who are selling digital services to consumers in the EU. VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT

i have recently come off a developer’s course for the Cloud Application Studio, and many candidates asked the same question. They all saw how easy it is to create a new set of UIs for

This week (14th May 2018) I had the great pleasure to host a group of Business ByDesign partners in the SAP Maidenhead office, Here we gave them a week’s instruction on the use of the

last week I was privileged enough to have been invited as a speaker at a customer day with our key Business ByDesign partner, In Cloud Solutions. Happily I could share SAP’s commitment to ByDesign with the new 2018 and beyond roadmap.

This week, we started to roll out a webinar series designed to enhance the massive amount of on-line content available to partners. The aim of the series is to ensure all of our partners have

As we are getting near the end of the year, it was great to be somewhere warm again, hello Barcelona! So, against he backdrop of a Catalonian separation demonstration we are set to deliver another GoLive

Dubai Go Live eXperience 23rd to 26th October 2017 As we roll into Q4 I was fortunate enough to find my self hosting another SAP Business ByDesign Go Live eXperience. This time for new partners

Hi All   Here s a link to a great document created by Jan at Cyber Norway on how to set up and use the scanned invoice upload in Business ByDesign. Enjoy! https://jam4.sapjam.com/groups/about_page/HpzvjzWJWMebe0O3Xz90fu  

Week 4 in my new SAP life, so it must be Barcelona then. I firstly should thank Former Member for the invite, and Former Memberfor the permission to attend the Global Business ByDesign Pre-Sales workshop.

The Go-Live Experience is a mandatory training for all implementers of SAP Business ByDesign, and, in my second week at SAP, and I had the pleasure of running a 4-day Go Live Experience workshop for