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Listening to the expectations that people have about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), I am reminded of the old joke where a scientist is explaining to another a process and in the middle

The topic of machine learning keeps coming up. At the time, I started writing this googling machine learning resulted in about 49,700,000 results. Originally I ignored the topic thinking machine equaled equipment and the topic

I have previously written about my worries on the use on internet of things for private use in my home. The Internet of Things Security both physical and logical where my main concerns and I

In 2016 the chemical industry faces a serious brain drain. An aging workforce across the sector is creating a significant issue for companies. At Dow Chemical, for example, about a third of its employees are

We have been hearing about digital transformation of industries for a while now, Industrial Internet of Things, and the connected world that people envision. Still this on going transformation has not really impacted me personally, 

Changes in operations occur all the time in our industry.  Whether it is an operational requirement, an upgrade to the process equipment, a change to the process itself, a temporary fix, or any other reason,

Everyone is talking about the internet of things and how this will change how we interact with the world. Having what is essentially a connected computer monitoring your operations opens up a lot of opportunity. 

It has been a question that I have been asked in one form or another many times over the course of my career. Variations on the following: Are our processes being followed? Are we in

I have been blogging on and off on the uses for big data, and most of my examples come from the manufacturing  / asset management world. For example: predicting equipment performance, product quality. Just mining

Just been reading a report on the Industrial Internet of Things from the World Economic Forum. For those who are interested the report can be downloaded from here. A really interesting report covering a lot