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K Jogeswara Rao

Friends, This subject is of a frequently asked nature and the documentation of knowledge I have on the subject, has been pending since long. When I rebuilt the first infostructure (S070) around 3years ago, my

Dear Friends, Today I am having another piece of knowledge to preserve which is a non-routine solution worked-out while trying to help one amongst us. Let’s see the What and Hows about it. Objective Our

Hello Friends again, Thought of preserving a solution evolved while helping a member in a recent discussion Objective: To Control Order Release Authorizations using user-exit IWO10002 . Order Releasing authorities at various levels will have

Dear Friends, As the title indicates this is about Checks while creating Measuring Documents and hence about a user-exit namely the very useful IMRC0004 . I felt an immediate need to record and preserve the

Hello friends, Few years ago I had posted a query in scn on the subject matter, which had to be closed without solution. Same query was posted recently by one of the members, reminding me

Hello Friends, As the title tells, we are going to discuss here the two queries involved: Whether we can default values in the Notification and Order header fields? If we can, how to do it

Hello Friends, One more useful tip in this blog. That’s obviously about the subject line. Means what-if we want to hide application toolbar icons such as (Put in Process) and (Complete) in a Notification? Some

Hello friends, Continuing the process of preserving the solutions to Frequently Asked Questions, today I chose this subject. Few might have understood the possible need behind this simple title. However, I will explain. The Background:

This is comparatively a small topic, but I consider has a useful tip. By the subject line members might have understood that I am about to talk on something related to creating a Notification .

Hello Friends, This blog too, is a form of preserving the discovered things which will serve as answers to FAQs. The present topic is about two commonly faced default ticks in PM module (in transactions