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The traditional utilities business model, which has been around for about 100 years, is running out of steam. Largely decentralized energy markets with new unpredictable market players mean energy enterprises should think about transforming their

The buzz: “We believe that energy utilities have an important role to play in ‘smart city’ initiatives.” (4-traders.com “Scott Madden Reviews the Smart City Opportunity for Utilities” 05/25/17) When talking about Smart City digital transformations,

Hello everybody, Maintenance is a huge topic in asset-focused industries. SAP has used customer input to continuously provide solutions that support the latest trends here. SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service for Utilities is the latest

Digital transformation is not a new topic. However, what does it actually involve and what consequences does it have for the utilities industry? Everyone has their own opinion about this, but everyone knows that it

Hi everyone, The importance of a “Cloud Based Prosumer Market” is rising rapidly. With Powerpeers Vattenfall provides a digital market place where prosumers can market their home made energy production. They can equally decide whose

Have you ever driven an electric vehicle (EV)? If not, you should definitely try it – it’s great fun and I am sure that once you have driven one, you won’t want to drive a

Dynamic industry trends and continuous innovation mean that utilities companies cannot afford to stand still. And the latest buzzword also affects them: Every industry must go digital and utilities need to transform themselves into a

Currently, Electromobility is starting to gain momentum again and is one element of the so-called energy transition. The key benefits of Electromobility are: The operation of all kinds of electric vehicles (EV) using regenerative energies

Hi everybody, Have a look at our great new informative brochures on Electric Mobility. As prices on electric vehicles continue to drop, millions of people will be looking for places to fuel up. It may

Hi,   Have you ever asked yourself what happens if we plug too many electric vehicles into the existing grid? While electric vehicles have the potential to help the air and the planet, they also