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In my last blog I described how you could use open source tools to give you more control and flexibility on how to develop your code and what tools to use. Opensource is awesome and

The context As most people who come from the ABAP world, I started my journey into SAPUI5 by using SAP’s tools: Eclipse and the SAPUI5 plugin. It appears to make our lives easier by setting

I’ve been away from coding for some time (on project management tasks) so I haven’t been able to write as much as I would like, but recently I had the time to do some coding

As with most OO related discussion (i.eWhy object oriented? Import parameters), the arguments get interesting really quick. In that blog, a fellow SCN user described her dislike for OO, and how it relates to procedural,

Nowadays we are flooded by sales people trying to sell “the Cloud”, specially here on SCN where SAP has dedicated sections on the home page for SAP Cloud Computing and HANA with a great focus

There is a lot of discussion about why we should use object oriented programming instead of plain old procedural. I have to admit it is sometimes difficult to come up with good reasons, besides the

I know this may not be universally agreed upon, but I think it’s something worthy of being discussed and so I decided to explain my reasoning behind it. Although I started my programming career in

I’m writing this blog after reading Understanding Widening Cast in ABAP Objects since it became clear to me that the difference between reference types and object type is not clear for many SCN users who

I’ve seen many posts in SCN and other sources of people trying to manage Vendor/Customer returns using the reversal of inbound/outbound documents and subsequent reposting (with a different quantity). I don’t know if this is

A lot of times you see people in forums asking questions about OBYC, on why account X was determined when the system should be determining account Y. Instead of trying the forums, where it is