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It took about 12 years of working in the SAP domain until this happened: Today, I was confronted with the task of creating a SAP namespace. It’s actually not that hard, and I took some

SAP Community (or: earlier versions of it, namely SCN) is the place where I got into blogging and I learned to like it. …but when we lost status updates, something went missing. (Coffee-Corner posts are

[#meta: Iā€™m missing a place here, where I can quickly drop an idea or a thought. I initially thought of making this a CoffeCorner discussion, but then went for the blog-option. Do let me know

Unit Testing, ABAPUnit and test driven Development (TDD) have been recent hot topics here on SAP Community. After having taking some parts of the OpenSap Course “Writing Testable Code with ABAP” a few months ago,

Often, a seemingly small and simple task is actually a little bigger, the more and deeper you think of it, you sure have experienced this as well. Here’s an example: Task: Select something from the

In that last months, we often complained about the quality in SAP Community. As far as I can tell, the idea to reach that, was to get more quality contend published.   I agree that

You know how the say the best admins, developers (…) are the lazy ones – why? Because the automate everything that makes sense to automate: let repetitive tasks be done by some kind of automation,

(Note: first I thought about asking this question, but now I think I found the answer myself, so this became a blog! tl;dr: the answer is CDS + extend view! šŸ™‚ ) [I write this

Not sure if it’s helpful for others, but I think it’s for me and I’ll gladly share it with you here:   The combination of dynamically creating a target table for a select (using inline

I have a hard time easily finding blogs about the ABAP Development tools. šŸ™   A reason I identify for that is, that while back in SCN there was a Sub-Space in Development for AdT,