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If all goes to plan I’ll be talking about a global  printer project at ASUG 2018/Sapphire.  To whet your appetite on a dry subject, some thoughts on device localization. Not regional character sets/code pages or

My friend and Mentor Gregor Wolf posted recently on setting up Linux print services with a modern SAP install base ( https://blogs.sap.com/2017/06/25/setup-a-hp-color-laser-jet-on-the-sap-netweaver-as-abap-developer-edition/ ).  As I will be presenting on an enterprise output management consolidation project at the 2018

I was asked to check on a classic SAP GUI login fault when testing a network connectivity solution. Getting to a point of knowing enough to ask intelligent questions was my first step, sort of

Last time I popped my detective hat above the cubicle wall was 6 months or so ago, in the last episode called I Carry A Spool or How The ABAP Detective Found His LP. That was

After time off in early Fall, November filled up with project meetings and task lists. We’re working with offsite server image farms, and the first order of business after getting network routing up was connecting

With really bad timing, I had planned a short conference followed by personal time off, immediately after the SAP community site upgrade on October 10. Making matters worse, the house needed to be turned upside

Last month, I posted https://blogs.sap.com/2016/10/14/old-unix-shell-code-may-never-die/ concerning preparing to move shell scripts from one OS to another.  As the SAP Community site was newly migrated, it was a bit of a rush. The primary tag was

We recently started a project to move our BW landscape out of our datacenter, and go from an Oracle database to that SAP one. It is inevitable, based on SAP’s road map, though the timing

For weeks, on and off, I worked the print spool case.  For those who don’t know what that means, or who I am, you could look it up in your Yellow Pages.  Except those don’t

After a week of minor fire-fights and other business as usual, I took a look at several systems that had gone through Oracle database compression and storage improvements.  Some performance metrics would be influenced by