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For many summers, my wife and children spent extended periods visiting our families in New York and Connecticut. So Sunday night for me meant goodbyes, a travel mug of strong coffee, and a long, solitary

As a native New Yorker and long-suffering Jets fan now living in the Philly suburbs, I’ve also become an Eagles fan.  I think it’s OK to simultaneously root for two different teams as long as

Social selling is a hot topic in the worlds of sales and marketing these days.  At its most basic, social selling is a way to use social networks to establish and further relationships with influencers

Needling players on the opposing team and even your teammates is a cherished tradition among baseball players, and nobody can bust chops better than major leaguers. It’s how they stay sane during three-hour games and

For a New York Jets fan the NFL preseason is when Hope Floats. Because once the season starts, Reality Bites. But this year promises to be different. Every summer I pore over the NYJ roster

One of the most universally hated parts of high school is the pop quiz.  I certainly remember the dread that overcame me every time Mr. Quintavalle, my freshman Latin teacher, would announce “Halfsheets, gentlemen,” regardless

Sitting at a red light while driving to work recently, I noticed a bumper sticker on the back of the Chevy Suburban stopped in front of me.  Featuring a photo of President Obama, it said

I recently came across a Smithsonian article about the Americas oldest known telephonic device, a gourd and twine contraption from the Chimu Empire in northern Peru that enabled communication up to a distance of 75

In her latest book Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other, MIT professor Sherry Turkle laments what she perceives as the lost art of conversation. I’m not sure I’d

As someone who has personally produced or executive produced films grossing more than $3 billion, Hollywood producer and sports mogul Peter Guber is one of the successful executives in the history of American cinema.  Famous