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Our client (who was implementing SAP) sells products that are created as BoM (with main item – Header and components – Items) in SAP. The Pricing in SAP is done at BoM Item level, thus

Hello All, While working with an Indian client (on TAXINN), we recently encountered a strange situation. The client has seperate Pricing Prodecures for Factory & Depot Sales & all the Business (Divisions) share the common

Hello All, In most of the industries there is a concept of issuing Free Goods to prospective Customers. Also whenever new Products are introduced in markets, free samples are given to existing Customers. We can

Most of us know the concept of Credit Account in Credit Management, where we can check Credit Limit of another Customer for a particular Customer. Thus as seen below, for Customer – CGA0* we will

It feels really great to be tagged by http://scn.sap.com/people/lakshmipathi.ganesan in Blog it Forward challenge. The Blog it Forward challenge is a very innovative idea enabling us to know more about our co-members on SCN. Place

Hello All, Recently my client launched a new Product which was pushed to existing Dealers along with existing Products but the Payment Terms for new Product was different than existing Products. For Example, A Mobile

Free Goods determination happens in Sales Order based on Free Goods Condition Records maintain in T-Code VBN1. Now while creating Delivery, system just copies the Main Item quantity & Free Goods Item Quantity from Sales

In SAP Standard it is possible to Cancel the Invoice for which we have already created & completed Returns Order. Similarly we can create Returns Order for an Invoice that is already Canceled. We felt

Hello, Many times we get a request from client to give list of all standard SAP Reports (Though the fact is they will never access all these reports 😀 , but still they would like

Imagine a scenario where your Company has imported some Goods & these are lying at Port (Custom’s Warehouse as Bonded Stock). Now you need to pay Import duties & taxes on these Imported material before