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Pages and pages of seemingly outdated or needless information about Moshe’s post:https://answers.sap.com/questions/27331/how-do-i-post-a-question.html All with timestamps from 30+ minutes ago, so that would be shortly before 11:00 AM EST, and seems like I got feed updates

I figured I would double tag this status update with both Coffee Corner and Using SAP.com to reach a larger audience for recent updates on SAP Community Release Notes.  I also showed how you can

Dear SAP Fiori Community Family Members, I am addressing you as Family, since your collaboration here in the SAP Fiori community space is much more like a family. Surprisingly enough, the inspirational idea for this

Fellow SAP Fiori Community members, One of my personal favorite movies (300 (2006) – IMDb) serves as a ‘numerical’ inspiration for sharing this celebration video, and challenging the SAP Fiori community for feedback.  The movie

In a workshop last week it was brought to my attention (thank you Lee) that we had been missing out on the full features and capabilities of the demo SAP Fiori app My Spend, due