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You have probably been in hundreds of conversations like this, either as a participant or the originator. Someone is considering a product and asks a question in a social forum. They get answers. Their purchase

One of my coworkers recently told me about a high school game his son was taking part in called assassin. All players are secretly given the name of another classmate. The task: Track down (in

Brands have been doing social media listening way before social listening became a ‘thing.’ They set up queries on listening tools to discover conversations about themselves and their competitors. They extracted these insights to advise

Two years ago, we grew by 400%. Last year, we grew by 300%. This year, we have plans to grow by 300% again. From 30 clients (two years ago),we are now serving over 350 of

You arrive in your taxi at the Hotel Adagio, part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection in San Francisco. Before you get out of the car, Mose the porter greets you by name. “Hello, Mr. Epstein,” Mose

Listening isn’t a new concept. In the 1850s, for example, playwrights, actors and artists in London would frequent a press clipping agency to see what was being said about them in the news — in

Most people start slowing down in the days leading up to Christmas. Not my pal Augie Ray, who threw down a significant 2014 prediction in Three Reasons the Marketing Department Will Give Up On Earned

“What’s your social media strategy?” You hear this question more often than enough in the conference rooms of enterprises. Five years after the adoption of Facebook, Twitter, and their social companions, corporations are still trying

You’ve seen them many times. Stickers on the cover of people’s laptops. Some proclaim an allegiance to a movement, team or brand. At Sprinklr, we have a few different stickers we’ve made over the course

When you think of a home, you think of time spent with loved ones and all the memories held under one roof. You rarely think about the materials that hold the house together — the