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It is essential for retailers to reinvent their whole operations from planning to the customer experience. SAP and IBM have collaborated to provide a co innovated solution for retailers in order to improve the order

SAP is the third largest software supplier in the world. SAP transportation management is a complete solution for carrier industries and shippers of all immensity. Amongst the over 2000 travel and transportation customers are airlines,

The success of HR strategy largely depends on effective people management. Good leadership and management are crucial for organizational success. HR is not only about payroll management but the most important aspect lies in finding,

The basic idea of Big Data is that analysis effort focused on analysing large quantities of interrelated business data can provide enormous amount of business value. The fundamental driving principle is that trends and correlations

The concept of boundaries, or business beyond boundaries, is gradually evolving. Technology is changing and morphing to complement the way you work, rather than the other way around. Let’s take a look at how this

SAP, the market leading provider of complex on-premise ERP solutions for global organizations is known for its robust frameworks and customization functionality. The company has recently ventured out into the cloud-empowered applications market, launching revolutionary

Business communications have gone the complete circle. It began as a key enabler for small and medium sized enterprises who would leverage communication infrastructure to expand market reach. Then, communication maturity across enterprises relegated the

SAP has been the pioneer in terms of furthering the advancement of ERPs, by leveraging better computing technologies. No wonders, then, that SAP continues to be seen as the market mover in the ERP space.

Whether its shortened vehicle development cycles or secured journey of car shipments, whatever your requirement is, SAP is always progressing to provide intelligent solutions to lead the innovation driven automotive enterprise. Without a proper solution,

The recently held SAP sponsored Best Practices for Automotive conference talked about predictive analytics and data driven intelligence to dramatically improve the bottom line. A good digital infrastructure has become a necessity for automobile companies.