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Existing on social media is not enough; organizations need to actively pursue concrete and challenging social media goals to be able to enjoy any visible improvements in key performance metrics. Marketing leaders across the globe

Anybody who’s tracked the analytics market would know how new technologies keep on pushing the bar, and changing the analytics ecosystem in unimaginable ways. These tech revolutions are disrupting markets, making old analytics tools absolutely

Sales managers have a thankless job; they are expected to stretch their efforts beyond the ordinary, often with limited resources at their disposal. However, great sales managers keep on rollicking along with times, backed by

In a world where all market stakeholders are well connected on social media platforms, it’s natural for purchase decisions to be impacted by social interactions. This trend is captured in what is known as social

A Microsoft sponsored research attached numbers around an idea that’s pretty much known and acknowledged among modern humans – the average attention span is decreasing. For businesses, this means they now have precious little breathing

Time flies; nobody knows and understands this witty-ism more than entrepreneurs and small business owners. Before you know, 2020 will be a day away! To make sure your small business is strong enough to stay

Both the SAP Analytics Cloud solution and the SAP Digital Boardroom have gained a reputation among customers such as Yazaki Europe Ltd. And Northern Gas Networks for delivering enterprise performance management (EPM) capabilities and modern

Customer experience has always played a crucial role in determining the success of any business. In the age of virtual reality, chatbots and smartphones, the need for an optimal customer experience is more than ever.

It is essential for retailers to reinvent their whole operations from planning to the customer experience. SAP and IBM have collaborated to provide a co innovated solution for retailers in order to improve the order

SAP is the third largest software supplier in the world. SAP transportation management is a complete solution for carrier industries and shippers of all immensity. Amongst the over 2000 travel and transportation customers are airlines,