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Context Setting Alright, so lets pick an ecommerce site– Say Levi’s-Great Britain http://www.levi.com/GB/en_GB/category/men/collections/levi-collections-whats-new-men On the top right we see a generic search, that may use Apache SolR. Below we see structured search. If I wanted

Hello Everyone…Wanted to share some experiences I had while interacting with multiple stake holders around topic of UX and suggested solutions that are brought on table. Disclaimer: All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this

Formatting context analysis supplements HANA text analysis on HCP to process documents. It uses the formatting information like table cell structure, block determination, font size etc to process semantical relationship and build knowledge source using

While working on Fiori application I was very impressed with the extensibility provided by the standard application View Extensions View Replacements View Modifications Control Extensions I tried to go through the demokit documentation and did

To set the context lets do things in HANA TA without the CGUL rules first. 1. Lets create a small table with texts So lets create a Table which looks something like this: Now lets

With something as powerful as HANA TA, there is an increasing need to do pre and post processing of various elements of a given document. The first part about such post processing to identify document

Ok, so I was experimenting with HANA text analysis and found out that: With HANA Dictionaries we can find out what the documents are talking about With CGUL rules we can find out what we

So, I tried connecting the boxes SYCLO+ABAP+HANA+R and proposed a usecase for bringing in power of prediction to the field There could be several usecases for this like: 1. Getting probability of breakdown and avoid

We are on verge of a giant wave of mobility platform by SAP with the version 3. SMP 3.0! Syclo is but a small part of this offering…so with all the oData based communication setup,

Opportunity: With something as powerful, both in terms of technology stack and business reach, as HANA the intelligence should not be optional configuration…it should be implicit. So, what I am trying to suggest is: Lets