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A number of folks pointed out that getting an “S” number is a bit of a hassle if you are an independent contractor or just buried too deep in the DBA staff to gain access……..  

Latch Free B-trees (ASE 16sp02 MemScale option feature) First, a bit of history.  Latches are essentially a form of concurrency control that is a companion to locks in a lock based concurrency control implementation.  However,

Don’t get me wrong – crutches are useful things.  But some of places still are hobbling around on crutches long after they should not be. What crutches am I referring to?? Dbcc proc_cache(free_unused) Trace flag

We all like to get presents for the holidays.   This year, ASE engineering came through with two that should make a lot of ASE users quite happy. The first was ASE Cluster Edition 16sp01 on

Master of the obvious….that’s me!!! One thing I hadn’t realized until I started researching HA/DR incidents for recent stats is just how often failures happen.   Maybe I am a bit isolated due to the excellent

….that would be next Tuesday for those like myself who don’t have a built-in calendar function in their cranial cerebrum….. Now that tax day is over (for those of us here in the USA…..my friends

Depends on whom you ask, I am not often wrong.   This time I was ….and foolishly put my $$$ where my mouth was.   At ISUG this year, I was presented several sessions – one of

As many of you well know, back in the old, old, old days (when my hair was brown), ASE only offered allpages locking (APL).   In the move to data only locking (DOL) nearly 20 years

While I thought last year would be the last year of my doing this……but……you know what they say about plans….. Once again, at this years ISUG-TECH conference at the end of March/early April (ISUG-TECH :

ASE Cluster Edition now supports rolling upgrades.   An oft requested feature from customers considering ASE Cluster Edition is support for rolling upgrades.  While this was originally planned for the ASE 16 Cluster Edition release planned