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Relevant for S/4HANA 1709, 1610, 1511 As a Fiori Administrator, you will sometimes face the need to unassign system alias names to the OData services. This activity needs to be done as part of a

Relevant for S/4HANA 1709, 1610, 1511 When you are working on a Fiori for S/4HANA implementation project you will find issues that may or may not be product related, however, in most of these cases

Relevant for S/4HANA 1709, 1610 SAP’s UX strategy can be summarized in 3 words: Delight our customers. This phrase raises a simple but very interesting question: How do you do that? Of course, you have

We opened the series with the Fundamentals of SAP Fiori, we continue discussing the Value Proposition of SAP Fiori with guiding principles that will help customers plan and execute on their UX strategy to achieve

Welcome to the SAP Fiori blog series brought to you by the S/4HANA Regional Implementation Group (RIG).  Throughout the series we shall cover the fundamentals of SAP Fiori, to simplify our delivery we will be

Ever wondered how to customize a Fiori App with minimal effort in S/4HANA? In this video we explain how to perform simple UI modifications in a Fiori App to suit your user’s needs by going

UPDATE – Relevant for S/4HANA 1709, 1610, 1511 If you are working with Fiori and using Embedded Search features in the Launchpad you surely have been wondering how to limit access to the search connectors

UPDATE – Relevant for S/4HANA 1709, 1610 Fiori performance is a hot topic in every implementation, we’ve gone a long way from the first release of Fiori to the latest version in S/4HANA and so

UPDATE – Relevant for S/4HANA 1610, 1709 If you have been dealing with Fiori Performance issues, you may have heard something about CDN and want to try it out. If this is the case, please

UPDATE – Relevant for S/4HANA 1610, 1709 Surely you have heard about Tab Bar in Fiori 2.0, and despite having heard of it you are still wondering how it works and what you need to