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Introduction We use Database tables frequently for look-up in our ABAP logic. Maintaining records in table is a manual process by updating table record by record . Available program for such updates are static in

What are Cube Aggregates?   Definition An aggregate is a materialized, summarized and condensed view of the data in an Info Cube. An aggregate maintain the dataset of an Info Cube redundantly and persistently. Summarized

Introduction BI reports designed in query designer can be published in various manners. This data can be used for further processing by different SAP and non-SAP systems. General approach is to push data from BI

Introduction : A Data Store Object(DSO) stores data (master and transaction data )in flat database table (atomic level) .There are mainly 3 types of DSO .      1.Standard DataStore Object       2.Write-Optimized DataStore Objects .      3.DataStore Objects