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The secret to attracting visits in organic search today isn’t about matching keywords but matching the intent of your audiences. This helps you to develop a clearer understanding of what your readers want to know

Search: What people default to when all else fails.  In addition to the community, universal search has also been upgrading and migrating its technology and structure. Late last year there was a push to move

https://web.archive.org/ and other archiving services are a great way to get back deleted content and catch others wrong doings on Twitter. There are other cool things you could do, like visit your younger self: According

There’s only one way to get a real glimpse of SAP TechEd when you can’t be there in person (which is hard to beat!) and that’s by watching SAP TechEd Online.  So don’t miss out

On April 21, Google deployed the mobile-friendly algorithm update to its search product.  This update boosts the rankings for mobile-friendly webpages on mobile search results.  Again, it boosts the rankings of mobile-friendly webpages (not websites)

I recently touched on the growing relevance of Google’s Knowledge Graph on my post about SERP impressions. As of last week, links to social profiles now appear in the knowledge graph box for corporate brands.

A metric I frequently look at is search query data in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)*.  While our regular reporting tools tell us the visits and page views for websites, only GWT provides impression data–and they

When ever I hear about or read about cloud computing, the images of massive mainframes and their connected terminals all over the place.  The reason is simple: as a kid growing up in the 80’s,

As part of the live studio staff for the event, I had a chance to listen in on a lot of conversations about what was happening at the event and within SAP in general.  There’s

The following is an introduction to search engine crawlers and explains some of my favorite SEO tools, including the robots.txt file. When searching for something, you aren’t searching the live web: the information used to