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As a relatively new product, and a product that involves the new world of Hadoop and Big Data for many people, we have been spending a lot of time educating people about the ins and

SAP Hana Vora 1.3 was released last week.  It contains some major improvements over the previous version.  You can read all about them here.  I’d like to describe one of these features – the introduction

Historically, the number of connections that an individual user may make to a server is limited by the server license.  For a chip license, the limit is set by default to 32766, but can be

As part of the backup and recovery plan, along with periodically testing the recovery process, it is considered a best practice to validate the backup database after a successful backup.  This is the best way

The sa_validate() procedure can be used to validate various aspects of your database in order to catch any data corruptions and allow you to address them before you get into a production-down situation.  Performing validation

To improve security, SQL Anywhere 17 has made a number of new changes related to how passwords are managed and accessed via the various tools and utilities.  I have included here a brief description of

Auditing database interactions provides the ability to see who did what and when they did it in the database.  This is useful in scenarios where the data stored is sensitive (eg. salary information, proprietary recipes)

From its first release, SQL Anywhere has used a default user id and password for newly created databases: DBA/sql While it is considered best practice to not use the DBA user and default password in

By default, when you run a database server, you have access to all features of the server, regardless of whether or not you actually use them.  Some of these features can also be leveraged by

The recently released SQL Anywhere 17, contains a wide variety of new features that improve performance for a variety of activities, improve the security and robustness of the database server and clients, and provide some