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If feedback is a gift, why’s it so hard to accept? The other day, out of the blue my teen aged son tells me: “Dad, you’re trying too hard to be cool.” My immediate response

If you have a chance to ask a recruiter any question (outside of a job-hiring process), what would it be? Do you even look at LinkedIn profiles, or can I just rely on a resume?

In case you missed the SAP Community Call on Oct 9 with Daniel Wroblewski, he shared the latest announcements about the new SAP Developer Tutorials available in the redesigned SAP Developer Center. You can also watch

According to a recent interview with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, the biggest skills gap in the U.S. these days is not coding – but soft skills. Soft skills (or human-skills or people-skills) are often overlooked

There are many hidden gems in our SAP Community. One of these is the SAP Community Calls – webinar events for community members to learn from SAP experts and engage with each other on topics

It is said that emotional intelligence, more than any other factors, like expertise or IQ, is responsible for the majority of our success at work (Warren Bennis). In this new blog series, we will explore the topic

For several countries around the world, Father’s Day is in June. Regardless of when and how fatherhood is celebrated where you are, here are some personal advice from fathers in our community that I hope

Amongst the many new ways mentors and mentees can now connect in our digital age, a dedicated meeting or call is still the best way to gain insights from your mentor while building a strong

We often hear the words “Diversity” and “Inclusion” spoken together, but have we asked ourselves why that is? Is it a cause-and-effect type of relationship where one leads to the other, and if so, which

Join SAP Mentor Kumud Singh , Lead Consultant at HCL Technologies as she walks you through the process of setting up an Internet of Things (IoT) Service on SAP Cloud Platform, as well as how to expose