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We often hear the words “Diversity” and “Inclusion” spoken together, but have we asked ourselves why that is? Is it a cause-and-effect type of relationship where one leads to the other, and if so, which

Join SAP Mentor Kumud Singh , Lead Consultant at HCL Technologies as she walks you through the process of setting up an Internet of Things (IoT) Service on SAP Cloud Platform, as well as how to expose

Perhaps you heard the news at SAP TechEd last year, or read Former Member‘s excellent blog about developing Fiori Apps, or you’ve scene this video: That’s right Mendix and SAP are joining forces, and this partnership

From my vantage point at the Community Clubhouse on the show floor of SAP TechEd Bangalore, I was able to watch SAP Mentors and Alums lead many SAP TechEd Live Studio interviews. Thanks to the

Did you know you can access over 70 lecture replays from SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2017? In addition to this, I want to share a few video interviews recorded with SAP Mentors, and highlight a

It’s time once again to unmask some of our community heroes and bring them into our SAP Mentors community. As I mentioned in my recent SAP Mentors Program Turns 10 blog post, I consider SAP

Yes, the SAP Mentors Program celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The 2-page comic doesn’t do justice to the countless hours Mentors spent sharing SAP knowledge through blogs, discussion forums and at conferences and SAP

The call for Community Session speakers at SAP TechEd Barcelona went out, and I’m excited to share with Community members sessions and speakers selected. For the second year in a row, there will be 10

It has been 5 years since Ariba joined the SAP family, so I’m wondering why I haven’t got around to learn more about one of the most recognized names in the procurement space? I get