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Challenge The MDG rule derivation standard code strictly turns custom triggered error or warning messages of derivation BAdI customer code into info message type. In some situations the derivation BAdI is a perfect location for

Challenge Quite often it’s requested to enhance given IDOC structures, e.g. the vendor master data IDOC of message type CREMAS. The SAP standard offers a row of customer exits within the standard master data IDOC

Finally a book around Master Data Governance is available since few weeks. This first edition is in German, an English version is planned. The book examines the current MDG release and provides a detailed demonstration

It’s quite often required that the master data requestor may not be approver in the same master data process even when the requestor belongs to the org unit (or other PPOME object) for the approver

When applying an MDG system for vendor and/or customer, it’s recommend that end users should not have the authorizations for usage of transactions XK01, XK02, etc. anymore (otherwise they could deviate MDG and maintain the

After sufficient time of availabilty for evaluation, SAP will remove the two evaluation versions SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 SP3 SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 SR5 from SDN’s download area. It’s planned to do this

Cause again and again questions regarding the installation configuration of the preview version SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 EHP1 are asked, we decided to make available a document that describes the installation and the very

Perhaps you’ve already checked out the session offerings for this year’s TechEd.  If yes, then you’ll agree: it’s pretty easy lost in this jungle of topics and sessions – all of which are opportunities to get

You missed a structured collection of more technical info about the CE concepts, tutorials, descriptions and other contributions? So this new page SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment Tutorial Center might help. The CE Tutorial Center is