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On March 16th, we celebrated our annual VNSG developers day. A day fully dedicated to developers and developer topic. We had magnificent content, both from the hearts of SAP as well as the community mostly

Yesterday I took some time to setup HANA Express Edition on my home-server environment. It would probably have been easiest to just install the VM image. SAP indicates that the VM image is made for

A few days ago, Gregor Wolf, one of my fellow SAP Mentors was looking for a UI5 control that would display a QR codes: When I first started experimenting with custom controls, I have been

A while back, I sent this twitter message into the Twitter-verse, with the intention to blog shortly after that on how I got UI5 running on an ESP8266. I’m afraid this blog was conceived a

It happens quite often that you quickly want to get something running with OpenUI5 and OData, quickly smack it on a web-server or cloud instance, but just don’t look forward building the project completely start

It looks like someone with quite some experience tinkering with Arduino’s and the likes decided to sit down on a rainy sunday afternoon to write Santa a wishlist with everything he would like to see

As SAP Mentor, I’m with a privileged few that are allowed to join the internal SAP DKOM (Developer Kick-off meeting), which took place in Walldorf, in February this year. During DKOM, product groups get the

The ESP8266 is an increasingly popular chip to power IoT devices with. It has amazing specs for its size and price (~$3), WiFfi built-in and a large community backing it up. It’s also an amazingly

This morning I had a discussion with Robin van het Hof and The specified item was not found. on Twitter (storify link) about custom UI5 themes. Vladimirs indicated that he created a theme of approximately

Informal document to show off your custom UI5 theme. Including screen shots are highly appreciated and may be a inspiration for others. Including the theme itself as an attachment grants you super honour! More info