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Here is a list of all SAP Business ByDesign OpenSAP trainings so far. Those online trainings do not only provide detail learning and demos on major functional areas but also give you access to exercises

SAP Business ByDesign – SAP’s Cloud ERP for the midmarket – has been providing built-in mobility and collaboration capabilities since its very early days. Examples for this are the built-in groupware integration, apps for mobile

The powerful capabilities which SAP’s Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign provides for GDPR have been enhanced with 1805 (here you can see what has been delivered before 1805.). With ByDesign 1805 your data privacy officers will be

Across all industries and countries companies are extending their business models by adding subscription options for their products and services. This allows customers to consume them in a completely different way. Some of the reasons

The powerful capabilities which SAP’s Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign provides for GDPR have been enhanced with 1802 (here you can see what has been delivered before 1802.). With ByDesign 1802 your data privacy officers

Many companies struggle to manage cash flow and to reduce days-sales-outstanding (DSO) as some customers do not pay their invoices in time. One approach to get customers paying is to personally approach them before just

As data privacy and protection expert for SAP Business ByDesign I often get asked what other SAP solutions offer to support companies with their efforts to get compliant with GDPR / EU-DSGVO until 25th May

One of the key assets of SAP Business ByDesgin is its built-in in-memory analytics. By using embedded analytics, planning & simulation you get perfect transparency on all your customer engagement activities (aka analytical CRM, customer analytics)

SAP Business ByDesign allows to design and send personalized and device independent e-mails. You can: Design responsive e-mail templates in HTML5 to enforce layout and corporate identity in external editors like Dreamweaver. Personalize the templates with

One of the best kept secrets of SAP Business ByDesign is its built-in campaign management and execution scenario. With this you can not only execute directly in the system multi-language and personalized mailings but also