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One method to flag a field when a value in a group is a maximum is to create a print-time formula with a variable that stores that field. For example, in a report grouped by

Even though there is no support for certain image types and no support for most transparent image types in Crystal Reports, there are several methods / workarounds that you can employ. This blog post goes

As of today the number one request for Crystal Reports in Idea Place is to have waterfall charts. Although the waterfall chart is not an available Type in the Chart Expert, this blog post has

If you ever wanted to show N records per group (e.g. the first group of the report will show 10 records, then the second group will show the next 10 records) then this blog post

This blog post will give you the steps on how to create a grid style analytic in Crystal Reports. This grid is created using the Multi-Column feature and can provide some great advantages over using

Cricket fans will be familiar with the wagon wheel chart. This blog post will give you the steps on how to create this type of chart in Crystal Reports. The wagon wheel chart will be

You may have a database field which contains code containing characters that you would like to convert to / print as subscript or superscript. One workaround has been to just paste the superscript or subscript

Gaps between date data can be a problem for report developers and application developers. If your data has gaps in the dates and you’re designing a report that requires that all dates be added to

If you’ve ever wanted to duplicate rows of data then this blog post should help. There are 2 methods outlined here, one for existing reports, and one for new reports. The second method will provide

It’s pretty easy to report on something like the number of products that a customer purchased using a customer orders table. But what if you want to report on exceptions instead…for example, what if you