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Ford was the high water mark for Vertically Integrated companies, who tried to own the entire value chain from Raw material to finished product. Modern Value Chains span multiple companies, but does your IT system

James Marland, SAPAriba’s VP of Network Growth shares his New Year thoughts on the future of Procurement As we talk about the Future of Procurement it’s certainly tempting to talk about all the new stuff.

Any woodworker knows that a bond between two pieces of wood is always a point of weakness. Imagine you need to design a table top that is two meters long but you only have two

The highest price ever paid for a painting was exceeded this week, but how does any buyer know exactly what they are getting? The big question of the week: is this painting by Leonardo da

James Marland was the host at SAPAriba’s recent Future of Procurement conference at the Royal College of Physicians, London. I gave up Biology for Greek at aged 13, so the professionals I welcomed were not

Vanilla is the default choice when choosing ice cream. But Vanilla itself is a critical ingredient, and standard simplistic supplier management may not be enough for your business. Madagascar produces 80 percent of the world’s

At SAPPHIRE NOW last week, Bill McDermott invited Michael Dell on stage to talk about Digital transformation. Michael used an interesting expression, saying that there was a “Cambrian Explosion of Opportunity” in front of companies

Look carefully at your old business cards; they tell the story of an increasingly digital world. When I got new business cards through the years, I always kept one and flung it in the back

I have to confess, I am excited about the Olympics which start tonight, especially as I have tickets for the Athletics including the Sprint Relays. There’s something exciting about the skill and drama of exchanging

The classic, Don Quixote is reckoned to be the first modern novel, and was written by Miguel de Cervantes, a Madrid resident. He had the misfortune to die in the same year as Shakespeare, so