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Sustainability – everyone talks about it in every appropriate or inappropriate situation. Since 1962 with Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”, which  by the way led to the first global environmental protection acts, the term has had

Everyone would agree, that programming is an adequate method to solve problems in informatics, engineering or mathematics. But what about the beauty and joy of computing? Can you use coding to express your thoughts and

Have you ever learned in a group of 180 people from 8 to 48? Have you ever flew a drone or walked a robot through the SAP canteen at 22pm? Have you ever forgotten dinner being absorbed

Das duale Ausbildungssystem in Deutschland, bei dem die Ausbildungszeit gleichmäßig zwischen der Vermittlung theoretischer Inhalte an beruflichen Schulen sowie praktischen Erfahrungen im Unternehmen aufgeteilt ist, ist nicht nur sehr erfolgreich, sondern findet auch im Ausland

Space required to transport 60 people – Press Office City of Muenster Today, bicycle traffic is the fastest growing mean of transportation in Germany and many countries around the world. Also at SAP the bicycle

What do SAP, Trumpf, Würth and Mahle have in common besides being international, innovative market leaders in information technology or engineering? How are they associated with the interesting and inspiring educational Science Center Experimenta Heilbronn?

Based on the popular motto “All good things come in fives”, SAP’s Young Thinkers Network supported the Rhine-Neckar Code Week, a local branch of the EU Code Week organized by SAP CSR, with 4 coding

On August 16th and 17th 40 students from 19 different schools enjoyed 2 days of coding as one part of the Young Business School Summer Camp. The students aged 8 to 17 years were the

We were pleased to demonstrate the  SAP Young Thinkers IoT module under the slogan “Touch IoT: IoT for Non-Developers” at the SAP-internal IoT Info Day on July 13th organized by Tanja Rückert and her team.