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Iver van de Zand

I took some time to really start testing the interoperability between SAP Lumira 2.0 Designer and Discovery. The outcome surprised me an a positive way: Basically anything that you set up in Discovery is re-usable:

One really cool feature that now can be done with SAP Lumira 2.0 and Galigeo GEO Extensions, is the possibility to geocode on-the-fly. ” … ahhh … coding …? ..”, you’d say …. “I don’t

SAP makes a big thing on the interoperability of the new Lumira 2.0 analytics product that will be available expectedly July 2017. Lumira 2.0 is the new data discovery and dash boarding tool that converges

Rod Stewart’s 1987 “some guys have all the luck” definitely applies to me. Since a few weeks, I have been using a prerelease of Lumira 2.0, and to end this review with my conclusion: good …

The public transport industry heavily innovates: trains and railways are equipped with IoT sensors measuring performance, delays and incidents. Busses, subways and trains are followed up intensely on repair and maintenance costs due to pressure

Difference From calculations SAP BusinessObjects Cloud supports different types of calculations that can be defined from within the calculation editor. One of the newer types here is the Different-From calculation type. This different-from calculation allows

Hi all, For some of my Infographics I tend to use SVG files to make them more appealing. The SVG files allow for dynamic-images meaning the image-size changes depending on the value of the measures

Hi Everybody, I have created a SAP Business Intelligence component selection tool helping you to decide what BI Suite components to offer to what type of user in your organization. The tool is based on

I am proud to present my first book on analytics called “Passionate On Analytics” Driven by a deep belief of the value that analytics can have in the era of Digital Transformation, I decided to