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Once I was working with 3 tier HANA replication I got this “beautiful” error: Database was not coming up , Daemon process was dying. I can see errors in two trace files: daemon_<hostname>.39200.000.trc:[11022]{-1}[-1/-1] 2015-08-05 16:37:43.337557

This is not very technical information, but I have seen still lot of basis folks working on some flavor of Unix do know adequate about aliases provided by SAP and if any fix command is

Like in SAP ABAP or Java based system the Hardware key is decided based on the server which run the message server/service, to know the hardware key we can find it from SLICENSE tcode from

Just a small tip to help HANA administrators. We know how to execute queries from Hana Studio, additionally there are Predefined SQL queries delivered with HANA Studio to help us with daily monitoring and HANA

Sometime it SAP GUI annoys us by asking the same questions every time we go to same a file locally other than the default SAP provided location. Even if we click “Remember My Decision” it

I would like to share few small tips, not a new discovery but not widely used! I think these new features introduced in NWA approximately at the time of NW7.3 or little earlier. There are

With the help of this script one can automate the manual steps required to configure SSH between DB and Application servers. OR someone can take few tricks from the script and use it in their

As usual, this blog is not for geniuses or Basis gurus! Most of the time I like to write for people like me who learns by doing and some time looking at others works. In

We wanted to use a Unix mount as a long term repository having multiple layers of directories and sub-directories structure, Most of the directories with different retention days. We wanted to have a script for

“Have you heard, now sapinst will not be used. All the installation/system copy/uninstallation will be done through this new “thing” SWPM” — This is what a friend of mine told me. We were discussing that