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Hi all, Please note that my previous blog SAP GUI latest patch, was moved to SAP GUI Community, and is no longer available in my blog at URL: http://scn.sap.com/blogs/firesword/2014/03/05/sap-gui-latest-patch.. where it had a lot of

Hi all, Problem Another error we encountered after the kernel upgrade 7.20->7.21 was repeated SSF_KRN_SIGN_BY_AS message in system log SM21. My advice is to search some notes first. There is plenty of information. The full

Problem After Upgrading our Solution Manager system from version 7.0EHP1 to 7.1 SP12, we got also Netweaver 7.02. Our system is on IBM DB2 database. Thus tablespaces: SLM#EL700D SLM#EL700I SLM#ES700D SLM#ES700I Are replaced by: SLM#EL702D

Problem After upgrading our SAP Solution Manager from version 7.0 EHP1 to 7.1 SP12, we still have to use transaction CRM_DNO_MONITOR at least for some time. When you open it and list the transactions, when

Problem: I used NWA to change the UME ABAP Client from 001 to 100 in our Solution Manager system 7.0 EHP1. The test was green, OK, and so I restarted the system. After that the

Latest News 06.Nov.2018 SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 patch 8 02.Oct.2018 SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 patch 7 Hotfix 1 released 30.Aug.2018 SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 patch 7 released 16.Jul.2018 SAP GUI for Windows

The error message Compile Error in hidden module: modMainRoutines is given when you try to export your EWA reports from your Solution Manager system -> Microsoft Word. I get this error with Solution Manager 7.0

Recently I tried to implement note 980067. I work on Linux RHEL. Kernel 720 (kp201) You have to download a file – ISIS_ZCOMP_V4a.zip. There is a transport inside LXCK900204. When you extract the ZIP file,

Hello, Today I got this error while importing ST-A/PI package. There is a very good solution here: http://scn.sap.com/thread/1902597 But this time I decided to review the file /usr/sap/trans/buffer/TST in AL11, which is responsible for the

I decided to write a little program that catches the SAPCAR output and analyses it. You can use it as a SAPCAR GUI. I am not a programmer, and I wrote this in very old