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A parent child relationships can be used to model many types of hierarchy, including ragged hierarchies, balanced hierarchies, and unbalanced hierarchies. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) originally required us to use parent child hierarchies. Often when

I don’t claim to be a data scientist, but I have setup, configured and exploited SAP HANA, Predictive Analytics and a number of other tools before.  R is another great tool to have in your kitbag and

With the Rugby World Cup now on, I decided to put some of the SAP kit bag to the test. 25-Sept-2015, We have updated Lumira Cloud visualisations and added a few more screenshots below The

Have you received the dreaded Authorization error with Smart Data Integration? [71002048] column store error: task framework:  [140028] Insufficient privilege. Access denied.  .hdbflowgraph   SAP HANA Activation Problem It is documented, but who reads the manual?

Having been through the process of exposing a HANA Calculation View as an OData Service for a Fiori tile to consume.  There are many examples that show some of pieces of this process but I

Market Basket Analysis (MBA) is interesting as a standalone activity, but where is gets more compelling is when you can really find trends, identify unknown relationships, and discover new business opportunities.  Using MBA for both

Following on fromHow to Install the Automated Predictive Library in SAP HANA I thought it would be useful to share when and how to uninstall the Automated Predictive Library (APL).  Removing is a lot easier

Having done some work with the unstructured text engine within the SAP HANA Platform I wanted to capture and share how to do this.  For this example I have used Twitter data looking at Formula

With an ever evolving and growing HANA Platform the Predictive Analytics (PA), Expert Analytics team have a tough job keeping up with all the new algorithms being added to the Predictive Algorithm Library (PAL). That’s

Having shown you how to install the Automated Predictive Library (APL) link below How to Install the Automated Predictive Library in SAP HANA We can now look to use the samples provided with the APL.