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Hüseyin Bilgen

Introduction Recently, we’ve implemented Turkey’s 2nd biggest Utility Companies Call Center Solution with SAP Contact Center 7.0.9 with Phone Channel. System is serving to 4.2M elektricity subscribers in Aegean area of Turkey. Company has more

I’ve been working in SAP ecosystem since 1999 and attended 5 SAP TechEd as an attendee. Now I’m very happy to attend upcoming SAP TechEd Barcelona as a Speaker. When Katarina post the blog “Barcelona

It’s my idea but wonder if there are others who believes like me. You know TDMS (Test Data Migration Server) is a tool based on SAP DMIS component (SAP SLT is also based on it)

As part of our SAP CCtr MSP (Mentored Study Program) we’re running a scenario based assignments each week. Part of it is to simulate connected SIP Phones to SAP CCtr (aka SAP BCM).   CCtr

SAP Contact Center Configurations 1. Set Statistics settings to activate reporting for Menu IVR 2. Set the “Expression for Question in Reporting” values for Menu items in Custom IVR’s. 3. Set the “Expression for Answer

Preparations on Oracle 1. Logon to Operating System with SIDADM on Windows, or ORASID on Linux/Unix Systems. 2. Create a logical directory definition where Oracle EXPSP tool will export Table Data sqlplus “/as sysdba” SQL>

You may find it useful. I did need it for once in my 15 years of Basis Life. 1. Create a new TEMP Tablespace SQL> CREATE TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp2   2  TEMPFILE ‘/u02/oradata/TESTDB/temp2_01.dbf’ SIZE 5M REUSE  

Portecle is a user friendly GUI application for creating, managing and examining keystores, keys, certificates, certificate requests, certificate revocation lists and more. We use Portecle to manage the SSL certificate request creation and PKCS#12 Certificate

Todays most Public Cloud platforms (like Amazon Web Services, Rackspace) provides Auto Scale functionality to support event-based or scheduled auto growth of resources for your cloud systems and/or applications. But, when you check the popular

Recently, SAP’s UX history flowed in front of my eyes as I implemented our first Screen Personas 2.0 within a customer ERP system and our ERP system. Then I decided to write a brief history